Monday, March 18, 2013

Bronkhorstspruit Dam Baja Dam Nature Reserve

Bronkhorstspruit Dam Baja Dam Natuur Reservaat

Went went to fish both these venues and this is not a good place for fishing.
We went to Baja dam and first of all there were to many boats on the water , and the dam has a grass problem, there is heaps of floating grass in the water that is a big problem.

You get stuck in the grass and the grass is every where in the dam.

We then went and tried the Nature reserve side where we have found no grass but on that side of the dam there is no toilets or running water. Facility's are limited.
The water level on the nature reserve side is very low and fish are not biting, we have also found that the hooks come out empty and that means small fish an lots of them.

Here are some dips and tips that they say work at these venues:

Lootie Bom Dip
Has been
Oorlog 1 Bom Dip

SA Poeiers

150g Icing Sugar
150g Custard Powder
50g groen Floro

150g Icing Sugar
150g Vanilla instant pudding
50g groen Floro

Baja Dam

Bronkies Nature Reserve

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